Kim Kardashian ‘Doesn’t Drink’ Despite Her ‘Years Of Partying’!

Is Kim Kardashian trying to erase the old, wild Kim??

According to a People report published on Tuesday, the KKW Beauty mogul “had her years of partying” — i.e. her days boozing it up with pal Paris Hilton — but her “life is completely different now.”

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Despite admitting to doing “ecstasy” on last Sunday’s episode of KUWTK, a source says the 38-year-old “definitely does not do drugs and hasn’t for years — and even then she barely dabbled.”

The insider added:

“Now she drinks here and there, but mostly abstains… She may have a glass of champagne on a holiday or for someone’s birthday, but it’s rare.”

Another source says the mother-of-three “pretty much doesn’t drink at all. She’s not a partier and it’s just not part of her life. Occasionally she’ll have a drink, but she really doesn’t like the taste of alcohol.”

The insider continued:

“None of the sisters do — and none of them go really crazy… They’re very conscious of their image, Kim especially. They don’t like to lose control. Kim definitely had her years of partying, especially around the time she was friends with Paris. She also used to go to clubs every night of the week. Her life is completely different now.”


Is Kim making a concerted effort to clean up her image?

This “inside scoop” kind of goes hand-in-hand with blaming a sex tape on being under the influence of drugs — which you definitely only did twice ever, right?

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